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      ABOUT US

      Hangzhou Nanyu Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., established in April 2004, is located at No. 733 Jintang Road, Jiangnan Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 70km away from the ancient capital Hangzhou, 2km away from Hangzhou Xinjing Expressway, convenient transportation, pleasant environment, standardized factory With a construction area of ??16,000 square meters, it is a professional enterprise that produces and markets minimally invasive surgical instruments. Its products are the first choice for surgical equipment suppliers in many well-known hospitals in China due to their excellent materials and excellent technology.
      The company's production has more than 40 patented technologies, involving various departments that have already carried out minimally invasive surgery in China. In response to market demand and information feedback, researchers can develop new products in a short period of time because we have a professional team of design and development, experienced and dedicated, and advanced production equipment. Advanced production equipment such as CNC lathe, CNC EDM machine, laser welding machine can ensure the production and processing requirements of the product; medical withstand voltage tester, medical grounding resistance tester, medical leakage current tester, high frequency detector, Digital multimeters, digital tachometers and other high-precision testing equipment can meet the product testing requirements to ensure the special requirements of the company's products - the safety and effectiveness of medical equipment!
      The company establishes a quality management system according to the requirements of ISO13485:2016, constantly improves and develops, adheres to the tenet of serving doctors and patients, takes quality as the supreme, strives for survival by reputation, develops with science and technology, and sincerely hopes to provide first-class products and excellent service. To win more customers' satisfaction.


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